Commercial Services Offered By Our Team Of Electricians In Lafayette La

Our commercial electricians in Lafayette LA, are specially trained for managing all types of commercial enterprises. If your business is large, small or you work from home, it doesn’t matter. No matter your company’s scope, you want and need to have the industry’s best technicians. Whether it is new commercial construction, retrofitting existing buildings, general repairs, and maintenance, our team is competent and flexible. From the ground up, we start and keep your electrical system flowing. We are wholly dedicated to delivering quality work, exceptional client care, and fair-minded prices to you before, during, and after every job.

As a serious business owner, you should consider a backup generator for those pesky power outages to keep your business up and running. With hurricane season every year, you don’t want your business in a toss up whether you’ll lose power or not and risk labor productivity. Our network of electrical contractors in Lafayette LA, has expert knowledge of all types of generators and will not only install them but help you decide which type is best for your needs. If the power goes out, a generator keeps your business operating, which will prevent loss of revenue and delays in production. Power outages are caused by all types of severe weather, your local service provider performing maintenance, and even a car accident that hits electrical equipment. Don’t risk your business being out of commission until the situation is resolved; provide your own solution before the problem happens with a backup generator.

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Electrical Contractors In Lafayette LA Services:

  • Building and facility updates
  • HVAC wiring and circuitry
  • Breaker panel wiring, upgrades and replacements
  • Backup generator Installation
  • Lighting repairs and new installations
  • Rewiring and repairs
  • Circuit additions and expansions
  • Fiber optic conduit, CAT5, USB outlets, and DATA installations
  • Retrofitting, tenant improvements and buildouts
  • General maintenance and repair work
  • POS installation
  • Electronic door and security system installations
  • Thermostat and temperature control system installations

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